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Custom applications

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The finish of Artcrete Decorend is variable which means it is suitable for a wide range of custom applications.

The texture of the finished surface can range from rough, such as slate, through to sealed and highly polished, such as granite or other hard stone.

The colour of the finished surface can be modified to effectively mimic stone, brick, wood, tiles, etc.

Artcrete Decorend, can be applied in such a way as to mimic comlex geometric cut stone or tiled designs, which, if created using traditional methods would be time consuming and extremely expensive.

Artcrete Decorend, can be stamped to create ‘relief’ patterns or designs.

Stone effect wall finishes, are achieved by stamping with a hand held stamping mould manufactured from silicone. The stamping moulds are very easy and quick to use and are available for a number of different types of stone effect finishes.

To create brick designs, a mortar coloured layer is applied, followed by a second layer, which is matched to the desired colour of brick. This second layer is then cut through, to reveal the mortar ‘pointing’ and create the shape and size of bricks and any design within the brickwork.

When creating tiled designs, a similar method is used with the addition that the ‘tiles’ can then be finished to any colour either individually or in blocks.

The whole surface is then sealed and polished.

Various architectural products such as coping stones, cap stones, decorative paving stones, panels, statues, pots etc are easily manufactured using Artcrete Decorend.

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