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Decorative concrete driveways and paths

An Aretcrete Decorend driveway can recreate the look of the all kinds of stone or brick and you will barely notice the difference.

One thing you will notice however, is the difference in price. Artcrete Decorend is much cheaper.

If you want driveways or paths made to match some existing stone or brick, no problem.

Artcrete can be custom made to match any kind of stone or brick with none of the hassle or cost of trying to source particular kinds of stone or brick. Order Get a quoteGet a call-back

If you are considering a new driveway but feel unsure whether to choose tarmac, paving, decorative bricks or concrete then we suggest you consider using our decorative concrete solution.

Artcrete Decorend can offer you a competitively priced, highly durable and beautiful alternative to stone and other materials.

The advantage of Artcrete, is that it can duplicate the look of stone paving, or decorative bricks, with less fuss and cost to you

Is your driveway looking a little tired or worse for wear?

Perhaps it is cracked, subsiding or weed ridden. Maybe it’s time to renew your driveway but you’re undecided about the best way to do it.

An Artcrete Decorend driveway can duplicate the look of all kinds of stone paving, with none of the inherent drawbacks.

The problem with traditional types of paving, such stone, or decorative bricks, is that they are prone to sagging or lifting.

Once this happens, water penetrates the surface, making the driveway prone to frost damage, weeds begin to take root and dirt accumulates, making it difficult to keep your driveway looking good.

Using Artcrete Decorend solves these problems.

The decorative concrete is applied in a similar fashion to traditional concrete, thus forming a single surface with no joints.

Artcrete Decorend is tougher than all other materials which might be used to construct a driveway.

An Artcrete driveway is more resilient to the elements, more durable, more resistant to mould and weed growth, easier to clean and easier to keep looking good than other types of driveway such as paving, decorative brick, standard concrete or tarmac.

Because an Artcrete Decorend drieway is constructed using our own polymer cement, which uses a special blend of polymer resins, aggregate and cement, it far stronger than traditional concrete.

An Artcrete Decorend driveway, if constructed properly, will not crack, subside or lift and will far outlast traditional types of driveway, such as standard concrete, paving, decorative brick or tarmac.

Artcrete can create the look of a beautiful stone paved or decorative driveway with less fuss and cost.
Artcrete Decorend, has been extensively tested by the Centre for Engineering Research and Environmental Applications at the University of Glamorgan in Wales.

You can rest assured that these guys really put the product through its paces and the results are truly impressive.

Contact us today to get a realistic quote for your driveway or path.

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