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Decorative Concrete Floors

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Concrete floors / flooring

Artcrete Decorend is a new development in concrete technology which allows a concrete floor to be laid and finished in one simple application, thus dispensing with the need to use expensive and time consuming finishing products like tiles, bricks or polished stone.
Artcrete Decorend is suitable for all interior or exterior flooring applications.

Because Artcrete Decorend has a huge range of potential applications and unlimited finish options we feel sure that we can create or refinish the perfect floor for you, cheaply and with a minimum of fuss.
Artcrete Decorend is the ideal product for;

Artcrete Decorend is also suitable for use inside or around swimming pools.

There are generally two main types of concrete floor; bare or unfinished such as inside a garage or workshop and finished floors where the concrete is covered with tiles, stone, brick, or other finish.

Artcrete Decorend when used inside a garage or workshop, has a distinct advantage over traditional concrete in that it is much stronger and more durable, it will not crack or crumble, it will not throw out dust, it is more impervious to damp or oil stains and it is easier to clean and keep looking good.

Artcrete Decorend when used in place of expensive floor finishing products like tiles or stone has a cost advantage, it is cheaper, and it is far more durable.

A floor made with Artcrete Decorend is not prone to problems such as cracking or lifting and it does not require grouting or subsequent re-grouting.

A concrete floor made with Artcrete Decorend is stronger, more durable and more water proof than traditional concrete.

Artcrete Decorend can be used to rejuvenate old, cracked, crumbling or dirty concrete floors.

With a single, quick and easy application, Artcrete Decorend could transform a floor to look just like costly stone such as marble, granite or slate. Artcrete Decorend can also recreate any other kind of flooring material such as tile or brick.

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