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Decorative Concrete Garages.

Decorative concrete from Decorend be used for...

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Decorend represents a quantum leap in concrete technology.

Decorend has revolutionised the way concrete render is applied and finished.

Is your garage ugly or out of character with the rest of your property?

Maybe your garage is in need of renovation.

Maybe you need to build a garage but feel unsure how it will look.

Perhaps you want to use your garage for a different purpose such as recreation or games room, music room or office.

With Decorend’s wide range of potential applications and unlimited finish options we can offer you the perfect option for your garage at an affordable price.

Artcrete Decorend can also be used to create or refinish paths or driveways with a suitable finish such as stone or brick at a cheaper price, with none of the problems or cost associated with sourcing particular kinds of stone or brick.

Imagine the potential for enhancing the overall look and value of your property.

Imagine the potential for creating aesthetic integrity, harmony and balance at your property.

Why put up with ugly out of character garages or outbuildings when Decorend can solve this problem cheaply and effectively.

The beauty of Decorend is that not only can we duplicate the texture and colour of all kinds of stone, brick or tile but we can also match the size of stone and style of the stone work. No matter what area of the world, what materials have been used in the construction of the house or other buildings, Decorend can perfectly match them.
Decorend doesn’t just look fanatastic, it is fantastic.

Perhaps you are a builder, or you’re used to tackling this kind of job yourself. No problem.

Here at Artcrete Decorend we run training days for the application and use of Decorend and Artcrete, with no ‘hardsell’ or obligation to buy anything on your part.

Our training programs are offered at a very reasonable price.

So come along and let us enlighten you about the application and use of this brilliant fantastic excellent product.

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