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Decorative Concrete Patios

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In the past concrete patios have been dull and not usually a source of inspiration but those days are gone now thanks to Artcrete Decorend.

For many years the problem with concrete patios has been aesthetic.

Now the possibilities for truly fabulous concrete patios are completely changed thanks to the rendering system used by Artcrete Decorend.

This new rendering system means that any variety of stone-work can be reproduced using decorative concrete at a much lower cost than that of traditional stone-masonry.

Old concrete patios needed fixing and replacing but using the concrete render system from Artcrete Decorend means that an existing concrete patio can be re-faced with a completely new look and feel in just a few days.

Once laid the stone effect is coloured to blend in with your existing stone work. Or if you prefer the concrete can be coloured as a new feature.

Focal points are easy to add and customisation is limited only by your imagination.

A concrete patio may seem to be contrary to the trend of decked patios but the benefits of using the modern cement render system are that your patio will last longer and be far more weather resistant.

The biggest advantage of using the Artcrete Decorend system for your pation means it will look exactly how you want it to look. Thus giving you pleasure each time you sit out of an evening or to soak up some sunshine.

Take a few moments to look at our gallery and case study examples and then drop us a line.

We are always happy to answer your questions about our decorative concrete system.

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