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Decorative Concrete Walls

Artcrete Decorend can be used to finish new walls or rejuvenate old walls.

Tired of arriving home to the sight of an ugly block wall?

Embarrassed about an ugly concrete wall at your property?

Wondering what to do about it?

You could paint it, but it’s not going to look great.

Or you could render it and it still won’t look to good.

Or maybe you could demolish it but that could be expensive.

Perhaps it’s time YOU considered Artcrete Decorend.

This fantastic product can beautify any kind of wall.

Artcrete Decorend can convincingly duplicate the appearance of any kind of stone or brick or combinations of both.

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Concrete Blocks Concrete Block Walls

Question: How do you make a concrete block wall look good?

Answer: With Artcrete Decorend.

Concrete or block walls are relatively cheap, practical and durable but lack the visual appeal of stone or brick walls.

With Artcrete Decorend a concrete or block wall can be finished to look just like any kind of stone or brick, cheaply and effectively and it will be more durable and weather resistant than traditional stone or brick, longer lasting and requires less maintenance.

You name it, we can match it

Artcrete Decorend can be modified to duplicate the appearance of any kind of stone such as;

Using Artcrete there is none of the hassle or cost of sourcing particular kinds of stone.

What’s more, not only can Artcrete Decorend duplicate the appearance of any kind of stone, we can also match any size or style of stonework.

So if you want a block or concrete wall to match some stonework at your property, Artcrete Decorend is the answer.
Artcrete Decorend can also be used to create relief panels with any design you choose.

Artcrete Decorend can make an ugly concrete or block wall look like a traditional stone or brick wall for a fraction of the cost and the truth is, you would hardly notice the difference.

With its wide range of potential applications and unlimited finish options, Artcrete Decorend can create the perfect finish for any wall.

Imagine the potential for enhancing the look of your property, without incurring huge costs.

Do you live at a farm, which is no longer a ‘working farm’.

Perhaps you have concrete outbuildings and walls which look ugly and out of place but are too useful to demolish. With Artcrete Decorend you can transform an ugly block wall into an attractive stone or brick wall for a very reasonable price.

Artcrete Decorend can be applied to any kind of wall such as

concrete, block, brick or stone.

Artcrete Decorend is more durable and out performs other kinds of finish such as traditional render, paint, lime wash, etc.

Artcrete Decorend is suitable for interior or exterior applications.

A concrete or block wall finished with Artcrete Decorend, is more resilient to the elements, more durable, more resistant to cracks and mould growth and easier to keep clean and looking good than traditional concrete render or other types of finish.

Concrete or block walls finished with Artcrete Decorend, do not require paint or other kinds of protection like sealants and they do not require pointing or subsequent re-pointing.

No need to put up with ugly concrete or block walls any longer because Artcrete Decorend can transform the appearance of concrete or block walls cheaply and effectively.

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