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What exactly is decorative concrete overlay?

Decorative concrete (Decorend) is basically a 'polymer cement overlay' consisting of a proprietary blend of cements, various aggregates and hybrid polymer resins.

The purpose of adding a hybrid polymer resin to the cement and aggregate is to greatly increase the performance characteristics and versatility of the cement.

Polymer cement overlays are much more resistant to damage from salt, petrochemicals, UV, harsh weather conditions and traffic wearing than traditional stone or cement.

How much does decorative concrete cost?

It varies. The particular price is dependant on several factors including; the size of the area, the purpose of use i.e. a driveway or wall, thickness required, patterns and colouring.

What is the warranty for Decorend?

There is a standard 1 year warranty to replace any defective products.

In reality the product can last for many years depending on the particular application.

How long does a decorative concrete project take to complete?

Most jobs can be completed within a few days depending on the size of application.

Larger projects may require longer but in general the work is done much more quickly than using traditional stone working methods.

How durable is Decorend?

Decorend is a particularly strong and long-lasting type of decorative concrete.

Decorend is currently being 'extreme' tested by the Centre for Engineering Research & Environmental Applications at University of Glamorgan in Wales.

How thick is the application?

Walls and uprights are usually covered to between 1cm and 2cm.

In custom applications decorative concrete can be applied up to 10cm in thickness.

How do you apply the colour and create the stone effect?

Colour is applied using a series of colour washes, dye mixtures and sealants.

The stone effects are created either using stamps or are custom created.

Where can you apply decorative concrete?

and virtually any other masonry surface.

Have a look at some case studies for a better idea of the potential applications of Decorend.

How does Decorend cope with frost?

Decorend is not affected by frost.

See our technical information page for scientific details.

How much preparation is required to use decorative concrete?

Once the surface to receive the application is clean the product can usually be put straight on.

Some surfaces may require a primer layer before applying the main layer of cement.

How fire-proof/fire-resistant is Decorend?

Decorend is a non-combustible material.

Is Decorend waterproof?

Decorend has a very low level of capillary water absorption which can be reduced by application of particular sealants.

If I come to the training with you do I have to buy anything right then?

No. We are so confident in our product that at no time do we do any 'sales' pitches.

Once you've used Decorend we believe you'll start to see ways in which it can be applied and then become a happy customer through ordering from us.

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